Saturday, August 1, 2020

Minority Rule is Not Democracy

Minority Rule: How Republicans Took Control of the Federal ...
One of the fundamental tenets of democracy, is majority rule. We have seen the entire country be shut down over risk of a minority. Not that they aren't important, but to keep the balance of measures, is imperative.
Education is a fundamental part of life for children, it is formative, essential, and they do not have a choice.
Teaching, however, is a job that if you perform, you get paid for, and can come and go as you please in and out of industry. You have other choices, and your very life and adult life formation does not depend upon this.
Key>>Basing our decisions on the minority of teacher's preferences – which is variable and debatable-is at the direct expense and dire cost of this (very important) majority (the children) again allowing minority rule.
Throughout history, we have seen tragic events including mass genocides occur, when the minority rules. Therefore, we must reject this notion, at all cost and PROTECT THE RIGHTS OF THE CHILDREN. Protect them from the TYRANNY of minority rule.
UNIONS have now made this political. The California Teacher's Union (nationally influential) has now demanded that the state DEFUND the police, before they will return to schools. This is using our children as political pawns. Be aware of what you support.

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